What is the Port Richmond Road Rally?
The Gist
The Port Richmond Road Rally (a.k.a. the Rally, PRRR, Heaven) is an annual Philadelphia tradition that will be taking place for the 34th time this October. The event combines the elements of puzzle solving, scavenger hunting, and searching for signs that are normally located anywhere from Old City to Northeast Philly.

How to Get Involved
Anywhere from three to five people (four is recommended) join to create a team. This team will need a licensed driver. The team must then get a Registration Packet. This packet is sent out to all previous Rallyers in mid-August and is also available on this website under the Registration Section. The packet includes two main items: a Car Application Form and a list of "Things to Bring".

Car Application Form Prior to the registration deadline, the team (a.k.a. Rallyers) must send in the completed Car Application Form, along with any fees or supplements requested. The team should be sure to do everything the application states and to read all the fine print.
"Things to Bring" List On Rally Day, the team should bring all items requested on the "Things to Bring" list. Any item on the list might be requested at the PRRR Morning Check-In or used throughout the day. Furthermore, the items requested/used will have points associated with them - and every point counts!

On Rally Day
PRRR #34 will begin at 11:00 AM (sharp) on October 10, 2010, and will last until 5:00 PM, with an after-party at the Pilsudski Club. All teams should show up to the parking lot behind the Pilsudski Club (corner of Belgrade and Ontario) by 10:30 AM on Rally Day. Once a team arrives, they should come to the registration table to meet this year's group of RallyHeads*. At the registration table, each team will receive further directions from the RallyHeads and will be checked-in. After all cars have been checked-in, the Road Rally begins!

At 11:00 AM on October 10, 2010, the RallyHeads will hand every PRRR team a large envelope. In this envelope, there will be a batch of numbered Rally Envelopes and two Sign Sheets.

Rally Envelopes Each Envelope holds one puzzle, has a number written on it, and is marked on each side with a Rally Symbol. After receiving a first clue on Rally Morning, your team will know which side of Envelope #1 to open. Once opened, solve the puzzle and go to the location to which the team is directed.
Sign Sheet Once at the first location, you will need the team's Sign Sheet. On this sheet, there are different shapes of signs that have their letters/numbers left blank. Thus, at the first location and at every location during the rest of the day, you will need to find a sign at that location that matches a blank sign on your Sign Sheet. Once found, you must fill in the blanks on your Sign Sheet EXACTLY. In addition, you will notice that a given letter/number on the newly-filled in sign is circled. This circled letter/number will show you how to open your next envelope for the next puzzle. Below is an example of a sign both empty and filled in.

example sign

As you can see, the T is circled. This will correspond with one of the sides of your next envelope so that you can open it correctly and get points. Ultimately, this process continues until you have completed all puzzles and found all signs: Envelope > Puzzle > Sign > Envelope > Puzzle > Sign...

During the Rally
You may need to do other things besides solving puzzles and finding signs. Rallyers may also need to find more scavenger items or do some kind of task during the day. The RallyHeads will inform you (either in writing or through telepathy) if there is anything else you need to do.

How to Win
All teams must come back to the Pilsudski Club by 5:00 PM (as determined by the KYW beep). Any team that comes back late (even seconds) is disqualified.

Points are awarded for basically everything throughout the day: scavenger items, envelopes opened correctly, signs written down correctly, tasks completed, and any other possible thing that may be thrown your way. The team with the most points wins the inscription on the Stashoo Cup. If two teams are tied in points, the team that came back to the Pilsudski Club first, wins. (Oh yeah, and the team with the least points that is not disqualified wins the Hubcap Award).

Some final words of encouragement...
We would like to thank all the Rallyers of past, present, and future for making this so successful year after year. There are some practice puzzles for rallyers to do on this website. Try them out if you like. If not, our feelings won't be hurt, but we will probably need to take points off of your score already (just kidding - to you overly-serious Rallyers). Good luck and we hope to see you in October. And if anyone is reading this site, having never heard of the PRRR, contact us and join the fun!!!

* RallyHeads: C'mon now... does this really need an explanation? "People who are heading up the..." There ya go!